April 14, 2022

April 14, 2022

April 14, 2022

Why Should You Create an NFT as a Digital Artist

Why Should You Create an NFT as a Digital Artist

Why Should You Create an NFT as a Digital Artist




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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are changing the future and how digital artists can monetize their artwork. People around the world have started to sell NFTs at incredible prices, and it is great news for digital artists.

If you are an artist good at creating art like music and dance, or even if you are good at creating memes, you have a way to make money from it by selling it in digital artwork.

This blog will explain the meaning of NFT, when to make the call ‘NFT sell’, and guide you through how to sell your artwork and make the utmost of this technological advancement.

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Why Are NFTs Good for a 3D Artist?

If you ask if it is possible to make money by selling 3D art, the answer is yes. 3D art is the high selling NFT that is most viewed and a high-performance category, and also, as it is tied to the future of the metaverse, these are highly popular and in demand. A digital artist Beeple (Mike Winkelmann), is the world’s third most valuable living artist who has made $69M with his 3D drawing.

Suppose you want to design NFT online; there are several ways to do it. Make sure the NFT you are creating a digital asset is yours, or you have a high chance of getting into trouble.

Whether you are a 3D artist, CG artist, or CGI artist who is learning these technologies, you are already there in the way to make use of this opportunity. You can create your first NFT and start making an income by looking at the full guide we have detailed below, which answers all your questions!

How To Make Your Own NFT & Sell It?

NFTs are a way in which digital art can be bought and sold, more than making money, and it has a lot of benefits like having access to new communities and claiming ownership of your digital art.

With so many benefits listed to buy and sell NFTs if you are looking forward to becoming an NFT creator, Here is a complete guide to creating your NFT collection and making some extra money over your passion.

How To Create an NFT: a Digital Complete Guide

Create an Artwork: If you are an artist, please select the picture, song, meme, GIF, or any other digital product that you own.

Choose a Blockchain: Once you’ve decided that your digital asset is unique and you are its owner, it’s time to start minting your NFT. The first step in minting is choosing an appropriate blockchain technology to track and secure your new NFTs.

Create a Digital Wallet & Choose the Marketplace: Setting up a digital wallet is an important first step as it gives you access to a cryptocurrency that you’ll need to invest in your future NFT. Once you have set up your digital wallet and some cryptocurrency, it’s now time to start creating your NFT. You’ll need to choose an NFT marketplace that will allow other people to discover your work and buy it while also ensuring they aren’t breaking any laws.

Sell your NFT: The final stage in the minting process is to decide how you’d like to sell your token. Keep in mind that exchanges usually charge a small fee for each transaction, and you could be missing out on more revenue if you set the price too low.

There are many online platforms available to make and sell nonfungible tokens; you must choose popular ones that are safe and secure. One can create NFT faster using a computer or laptop or create it fast even with your mobile phone; whether it is a high or low-end device doesn’t matter.

Also, one must know that there are lots of fees involved in creating an NFT token and be aware of fraudulent websites to avoid getting scammed.

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Call for Digital Artists: Step Into the Growing World of NFT in 2022

The NFT art market for 3D artists is growing and will still grow in the future. Almost anyone can get started with NFT and create NFT, meaning even a 10-year-old can do it quickly. 3D designs are gaining the traction it needs, and it’s the right time to start learning 3D design skills and land your first step, create NFT, and start NFT selling.

It takes a bit of time to learn the ins and outs of NFTs, but digital artists shouldn’t avoid this as there are many opportunities to make a mark. Digital assets are growing all the time, so it’s time that people grab this opportunity so that they can start making their mark in the digital world.

If you would like to start your journey of creating NFTs right now, you can also check out our guide Creating NFTs in a Low-End Device.

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