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vagon is your personal performance computer on the cloud.
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Reliable Computer


Forget about the nightmares of your computer crashing during a critical project. vagon is always available and its hardware is up-to-date! Don’t bother with buying a new device.
Flexible Computer


Don't plan for the worst case scenario. Pay for only what you need that moment. Feel free to upgrade to run computationally intensive work and downgrade afterwards.
Mobile Computer


vagon carries your work while you’re traveling the world. No need for you to carry your heavy duty personal computer around.
Secure Computer


It is your personal and secure computer. vagon's continuously improving infrastructure provides high-level security.

Why is vagon better?

Your computer probably has 4 to 16GB RAM, and other similar component specs. It may fail from time to time, and you know it is not easy to upgrade.

vagon has up to +100 GB of RAM and compatible components, with ~1000 Mbps of connection speed. Upgrades are instant and component failures are not an issue.

your computer
Better than Your Computer

Create a Computer

Create a workstation depending on your performance and storage needs with transparent pricing. Install your software and add your files in it, only you can access it!

Manage Files

Easily transfer and sync your files to vagon. Feel the power of blazingly fast download speeds in your workstation.

Boost Anytime

Do you occasionally need an even more powerful computer? Boost or update your workstation anytime seamlessly. No need to reinstall anything in your cloud computer desktop.

vagon is for all

vagon is built for people. Learn how different occupations can benefit from vagon. Reach out to us if you're wondering how we can help you.

Digital Nomads

When we're traveling the world, we tend to pack as light as possible. vagon is a powerful remote desktop, accessible anywhere, without carrying heavy duty hardware.


Download all your assets in a glimpse of a second with blazingly fast connection speeds and work from anywhere. When you're done, send your work to your client immediately as a link.

Video Editors

Sync your files, design with vagon, and just pay for what you use. Do you need to render a video? Good. Just boost your workstation to see what vagon is capable of.


Creating buildings or cities is a challenge itself. Why bother yourself with hardware limitations, too? Revit, Lumion, AutoCAD, all software work seamlessly with vagon.


Is your simulation running too long? Or you wish there was a way to collaborate on a problem with your co-worker? vagon can help you on both counts.


Engineering is hard and fun. vagon solves the hardship by giving you all the power you need and makes it more fun by enabling you to work anywhere in the world, without boundaries.


A basic monthly subscription for your cloud computer. Performance is flexible. Pay as you go, change it anytime.

Starting from


Includes 50GB computer storage.

Try now with 1 hour Challanger included 1 month free.

No payment required.

Boost the performance as you like. Charged in minutes.

Professional Plan
4 cores - 30.5GB RAM - 8GB GPU
+ 1.29$ / hour
Professional Plan
16 cores - 122GB RAM - 8GB GPU
+ 2.49$ / hour
Professional Plan
32 cores - 244GB RAM - 2 x 8GB GPU
+ 4.99$ / hour

We love to work with students and coworking spaces. If you're one of them, check our special offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is vagon secure?

Every vagon workstation is an isolated VM which no other user has access to. We continually monitor our infrastructure for possible security vulnerabilities and keep your system up to date. You always get notified when something in your system is updated. We take privacy seriously and have numerous measures against unauthorized access to your files.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes! vagon doesn't require any upfront commitments. You can cancel anytime without any problems.

How much space do I have to store my files?

Practically infinite. We leverage the power of the cloud to ensure we always have enough space for your files. We give 5GB of object storage free with your account. Anything over that is billed in increments.

Where are your servers located?

By using the power of the cloud we're leveraging an existing, reliable set of datacenters distributed around the world. This way we ensure that you're always getting the best experience out of your workstation anywhere in the world.

What operating systems are supported?

vagon client supports Windows, Linux and MacOS. Currently we only provide Windows workstations. Linux workstation support is on the way.

Do I have to pay for hardware upgrades?

No. vagon ensures that our fleet of servers are equipped with up to date hardware so that you can always enjoy using the current generation of equipment. We'll always let you know when a new generation of servers is coming.