December 23, 2021

December 23, 2021

December 23, 2021

Best Video Effects Instagram Accounts to Follow

Best Video Effects Instagram Accounts to Follow

Best Video Effects Instagram Accounts to Follow




VFX finds its use not only in movies but also commercials, games, and personal designs. Several other artists like you showcase their works, progress, and growth on Instagram. As Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, it is essential to stay up-to-date with the most popular vfx Instagram accounts in 2023.

So after an in-depth search, here is a list of the top 10 Video Effects Instagram accounts. Whether you’re an enthusiast, a learner, or a pro, you will find these accounts useful for your art.

1. Digital Domain - @digitaldomaindd 🔗

Digital Domain is an award-winning digital production studio known for Spiderman: No Way Home, Twilight, and the latest, Extraction 2. On Instagram, they post reels of their effects in movies and occasionally, you get to see some behind-the-scenes. You can check out the full videos on YouTube. Also, they have production studios in the US, China, Canada, and India. If you wish to join their team, you should follow up to get notified when there is an opening.

2. Janusz Ronki - @Ronkijan 🔗

Janusz Ronki is a video creator based in Berlin. His bio welcomes you to his world where he creates videos of his imagination. With over 215k followers, Ronki shows off his skills, needing you to look twice before you realize that it isn’t real. Other times, he shares the process of video production. If you want to create the world you desire through vfx, Ronki is your best bet for inspiration.

3. Rubenfro - @rubenfro 🔗

Rubenfro is a visual effects director. He is currently the head of cinematics for the AR fighting game, Jabu. Ruben does a different kind of art where he uses point clouds, volumetric effects, and large particle systems for movies, music videos, and commercials. Visit his page and get ready to view the amazing colorful augmented reality videos. He adds an extra touch by creating audio for most of his videos.

4. Rebelwayvfx - @rebelwayvfx 🔗

Yet another learning platform, rebelwayvfx creates standard courses for aspiring vfx artists. They also offer free lessons and project files for you to create videos on your own. When you follow them you get to see videos of various artists who took a course, which is an inspiration to them. You also have the opportunity to tag them in your post if you want a feature on their page.

5. Chaporro VFX - @iamchaporro 🔗

Chaporro is a vfx artist with several stunning music videos on his Instagram account. Based in Spain, he offers vfx editing to music videos, commercials, and personal videos. Perhaps you would like to specialize in music videos, Chaporro is an inspiration for you. You can check out his works via his YouTube playlist.

6. Anthony Rubinstein - @ant.rubinstein 🔗

Anthony Rubinstein is a vfx director and owner of unit9films. While you can follow his film page, his personal Instagram shows you all of his works, including personal projects and collaboration. He also creates commercials, having worked with British Arrows and Mastercard UK. Not only does he display his achievements, but he also goes further to talk about the process behind the scenes. You get to take away some tips for your video effects.

7. Vfxexpress - @vfxexpress 🔗

Our list would be incomplete without a vfx blog. Vfxexpress keeps you up to date about the latest and coolest video effects in movies and commercials. You get to see the raw images and the final results. Afterward, you could read the breakdown on their website. They also post job vacancies in companies you may find useful. Vfxexpress is simply an all-encompassing blog for your everyday vfx needs.

8. Emonee LaRussa - @em0n33y 🔗

As a motion graphic artist, Emonee opens the door to her creative skill on Instagram. Here, she shares common mistakes in rendering and tips on how to correct them. She specializes in the use of Adobe Premier Pro among other software. Also, she shares the works of artists and other talented illustrators frequently in her story. So, if you would love to update your animation skills, then you should follow Emonee.

9. Romthirty VFX - @romthirty_vfx 🔗

Romthirty creates 100% fake videos. He puts the warning on his bio so you don’t panic from viewing his work. His final videos would pass for most shocking moments on the road, in the pool, or in the sky. Asides from his personal projects, he creates vfx for The Wavy Group on YouTube and FGTeeV.

10. Gnomon School - @gnomon_school 🔗

Gnomon makes it possible for you to learn vfx at a campus in California. On Instagram, they showcase students’ work using a range of software from Photoshop to Substance Painter. You get to see the different rendering, texturing, and electrifying skills portrayed during campus competitions. Whether you will take a course or not, you can learn new things from this account nonetheless.

For anything you need to know, Instagram has the information, inspiration, and upgrade you need. These Instagram accounts are a few of the numerous vfx artists around. Follow these pages, however, do not make this your limit. As you get better at vfx, we look forward to featuring you on our next list.

Also, if you feel like you could use some other IG account suggestions, keep scrolling and find out who made it to our list in 2022!

Best Video Effects Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2022

1. Movie Effects VFX - @movie.effects.vfx 🔗

This is one of the most fun accounts about VFX on Instagram. Here you can learn a lot from movie scenes’ before and afters, Blender recreations, and quick tips that they share.

Let’s be honest, it is impossible to not be impressed when you see the scenes without any effects, and then see what they turned into! Seeing there is a lot that can be created with what you already got is quite inspiring.

2. Filmmakers World - @filmmakersworld 🔗

This account is also a great place to get familiar with the insides of the film industry. This account is not only sharing the before and afters of the scenes, but also very useful tips about how they were actually created, and the things you should be careful about.

Also, I suggest you follow closely the Q&A sessions in this account where you can ask your questions and learn a lot from professionals.

3. Visual Effects Community - 🔗

With similar aims to the previous suggestions, Visual Effects Community shares amazing before and after scenes but this time it’s not only the high budget projects but also how amazing things have been done with relatively low budgets as well.

At the same time, they have an amazing youtube channel where they share quite inspiring stuff, and I strongly recommend it as well! You can find the link from their Instagram account.

4. Kevin Lustgarten - @kevinlustgarten 🔗

As Kevin himself says, he really makes impossible videos, and he makes them look so realistic thanks to his talents. Along with the videos being a lot of fun, they are also quite informative as Kevin usually shares the steps he has been through while creating his videos.

Also, if you happen to enjoy his content, don’t forget to check out his Youtube account as well!

5. Duncan Evans - @curlykidlife 🔗

If you like seeing the impossible become realistic with the magical powers of VFX artists, this account is one of the ones that you will like! You can see his talent and how much he has fun while creating his content, and he makes sure that you are enjoying it as well.

6. Cinematography -@cinematogr 🔗

In this account, you will have a chance to learn that there is so much more than you have seen in your favorite movies behind the scenes.

The best part about seeing these is that you will understand that there are always challenges in the VFX, but taking risky shots sometimes gives the best results. If you enjoy risky but awesome shots, you will be enjoying the content provided by the Cinematography as well!

7. Showcasing the best VFX works - @vfx_media 🔗

This account is a great opportunity to see all the amazing stuff created by VFX artists all around the world. The account shares different works of artists every day, and these are more than enough for your need for daily inspiration dose.

If you would like to, you can also share your own works with this account, and get a chance to share your content with the community of over 80k people!

8. LFN | Learn Filmmaking - @learnfilmmaking 🔗

This is an account where you can discover and learn from very talented creators all around the world. Along with behind-the-scenes footage, the account also shares relatable and entertaining content and quite useful tips here and there.

As it is based on talent discovery rather than showcasing the very known talents, you will see that you can actually learn a lot from those which you wouldn’t expect to learn from!

9. Behind the Cameras - @behind_the_cameras 🔗

This account is also seeking out to inform and inspire at the same time by sharing some amazing before and afters, and behind the scenes footage with their followers.

Here, you can find out about the filming techniques of your favorite movies, and find an answer to the question that has been always in your mind “How do they do these?”.

10. Meet Filmmaking Community - @filmmkrs 🔗

This one is also a must-follow account for VFX artists. Here, you will be provided with lots of inspiration about shooting in various different atmospheres, and making the best out of all of them!

Along with these, believe me, you would enjoy being a part of this amazing community where you will find lots of informative Q&A sessions, podcasts, and so much more.

As we have come to the end of our list, please keep in mind that there are amazing artists out there and the number of them will keep increasing a lot. So, don’t forget that you can learn a lot from others, and stay inspired for the upcoming year!

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