August 6, 2023

August 6, 2023

August 6, 2023

Solutions for Common Unreal Engine Problems

Solutions for Common Unreal Engine Problems

Solutions for Common Unreal Engine Problems




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Unreal Engine 4 and 5 are both incredible game engines responsible for a lot of the best games we play today.

While it is both powerful and efficient, like any software it can also have problems that affect its functionality. Problems with blueprints, plugins or the shader are common and can be pretty frustrating if you are a designer or developer. Thankfully, there are solutions to them which we are going to cover.

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Shader Errors in Unreal Engine

A functional shader is vital to designing a game that simulates reality. The shader is the graphics component responsible for creating visual effects that simulate a realistic look of the game.

Shading errors often affect graphics quality and the overall performance of your game. A standard shading error is a compilation error.

Compilation errors occur from a mistake in your shader file code which stops them from compiling as they should. There could be several causes,

  • Syntax Errors

  • Incorrect Configurations

  • Missing Dependencies

Solutions for Shader Errors

Check the shader code for syntax errors. Syntax errors are the most common with shader issues. If you are unfamiliar with syntax or don’t know how to identify it, use an integrated development environment (IDE) or code editor to help you identify errors.

Review your inputs, if your inputs are incorrectly defined or inaccessible the shader won’t function correctly.

Check file formats and ensure that your files are saved in the correct format, referenced correctly, and saved in the suitable file destinations.

Plugin Caused Errors

Plugins are assets that help you level up your project and enable developers to integrate third-party plugins that extend and improve Unreal Engines’ functionality. Unfortunately, the plugins often have issues meshing with the Unreal Engines System, which we call a plugin error.

Plugin errors can occur when certain dependencies are missing or when they’re incompatible with the current Unreal Engine version.

Solutions for Plugin Errors in Unreal Engine

There are three possible solutions.

  1. Check whether the plugin is compatible with your version of Unreal Engines. You can usually see the supported versions of the plugin prior to installing it.

  2. Make sure the plugin isn’t old or out of date. If there are any available updates its best to do so and could also be the solution to your problem.

  3. Remove the plugin and install it again. While usually won’t solve the issue, it’s worth a try.

If all else fails, it’s best to look for a similar plugin with the same features.

Packaged Build Errors

Another common issue game developers often face is packaging build errors. These errors result from missing or incorrect game files and are usually only discovered during the distribution phase. This shows badly on us as game designers and developers, so ironing out any issues before we begin distribution is essential.

Solution for Packed Build Errors

Ensure the package settings are configured correctly. It’s a common error that’s easily avoided if by ensuring the package settings are configured to your target platform and that every dependency is referenced correctly.

If you have imported all the necessary assets correctly, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Ensure there aren’t any purchases missing or corrupted, this might be the root of your packaging build error. Keep in mind that different engine components can also conflict during deployment.

Blueprint Errors

Blueprints are vital to creating a functioning and immersive gaming experience. In Unreal Engines, the blueprint feature allows designers and developers to create game logic without writing the code from scratch. Some common blueprint errors include,

  • Incorrect Node Connections

  • Missing Variable Type

  • Incorrect Variable Types

Out of these, incorrect node connections are the most common ones. This happens when your blueprint nodes are not well-connected or are possibly connected to the wrong pins (input/output).

However, you can avoid and resolve this error by following these solutions.

Solutions for Blueprint Errors

Ensure that you’ve set up your blueprint logic correctly and that the nodes match the correct pins. If you have trouble identifying this independently, you can use an Unreal Engine debugging tool to help you identify the issue.

Double-check variables. If any variables need to be included or corrected, it will mess with your blueprint. Make sure that they are correctly defined and accessible.

General Unreal Engine Issues & Fixes

One of the most frustrating things to experience as a game designer using Unreal Engine is that it has a habit of crashing. While this unreal engine issue isn’t necessarily a fault on their side, it can be a nuisance but also quickly resolved because it can no longer function within its environment. Here are a few reasons why Unreal Engine could crash.

  1. Unreal Engine version may need an update, check online for the latest version and compare it with your own.

  2. Your graphics card driver may needs to be updated, check the latest driver release and be sure that it’s up to date.

  3. You may install the Epic Games launcher from an incorrect file, try reinstalling the Epic Games launcher from the official website.

  4. You may overclocked your CPU or graphics card for too long, reset your clocking speeds or let the PC cool down.

  5. Your integrated graphics card may need to be more powerful to run Unreal Engine, try using a dedicated graphics card.

  6. System files may be corrupted, try to use a system file checker to repair any corrupted files.

  7. Your TDR settings may be incorrect, try adjusting your TDR settings.

  8. Third-party antivirus software may be interfering with Unreal Engine. Try turning off your antivirus software or adding Unreal Engine to its list of exceptions.

Additional Solutions

In addition to the solutions above, you can use software designed to optimise your PC’s performance. Instead of fully upgrading your computer to solve Unreal Engine issues, software like Vagon help you improve your device’s overall proficiency by running through a cloud network.


There is always a solution, whether you have plugin, blueprint, or shading errors.

These solutions will add to your ability to self-troubleshoot so that you can get back on track designing amazing games through Unreal Engines.

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