August 26, 2022

August 26, 2022

August 26, 2022

Top 10 After Effects Templates

Top 10 After Effects Templates

Top 10 After Effects Templates




Like the stuff of magic, abstract ideas and concepts can now easily take shape through the help of videography. Entertainment can now be easily accessed and created via a touch of a button or a mobile application, making online marketing, video specialists, and graphic designers to be in demand more than ever. With the ability to captivate audiences and grab attention, videos are no longer just for entertainment but it has also become a lucrative tool in scaling businesses as well.

With modern equipment paired up with software such as Adobe After Effects, creatives can now easily post-process videos and presentations to a stunning finale. However, as much as AE is a great tool for creating high-quality graphics, it can also be a demanding program that can slow down a computer. Whether it is due to the size of the project or the less-than-ideal equipment, lags are often frustrating for designers, especially when rallying to deliver a critical project.

Fortunately, there are now several downloadable templates that can provide designers with editable, ready-to-use animations and transitions to instantly elevate and lighten their workload. With the help of pre-made intros, titles, and graphics, professional-looking videos can be easily achieved in a short period.

The ton of templates available online for free or sometimes for a fee can be overwhelming, such that it is so easy to scroll your time away in search of a perfect template. To avoid getting sucked into the vortex of perpetual search, here’s a list of versatile templates that can help you jumpstart your next project:

1. Kinetic Typography Intro by twoheaded (Paid) πŸ”—

Minimalistic and straightforward, this template features built-in animations for texts that can be easily paired with complementing background and videos. Enveloped in geometric or fluid transitions, texts cleanly cut through the screen in a streamlined fashion. Video editors would find this template very easy to use as it can put the message across in a clear, confident, and energetic manner.

2. Ink Titles by MotionMediaGroup (Paid) πŸ”—

Creative and romantic at parts, this template is perfect for opening or end credits for videos that require nostalgia, mystery, and intrigue. Ink blots the screen with fluid transitions, shrouding the presentation with an aura of mystery that can easily appeal to historical and crime dramas. Transitions that can perfectly set the mood for detective stories such as that of Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie’s.

3. Opener V3 by Rename (Paid) πŸ”—

Tech-inspired elements slid into the paper space with glitchy CMYK transitions, creating a bold and eye-catching visual. Designed to instantly catch your attention, this template is perfect for quick ads, product campaigns, and video clippings.

This AE template would appeal to creatives looking for a fresh and contemporary style to the otherwise edgy effects usually used by distortion-inspired templates.

4. 20 Modern Instagram Stories by Nullifier (Free) πŸ”—

Curated specifically for Instagram, this AE asset upgrades your stories with free animated brushes, transitions, and reveals set in modern pastel frames. The perfect balance of brushstrokes, geometrics, and speedy transitions is surprisingly versatile that it can be used with any brand or product regardless of whether it is food, service, or apparel.

5. Parallax Scrolling Slideshow by Tyler (Free) πŸ”—

Zooming effects create an illusion of videos in motion, a unique way of showcasing products or adventures against background graphics on the screen. With blur effects and animated texts, this template instantly adds a cinematic effect to slideshows and videos.

Interesting transitions and diverse effects make this a sought-after effect among designers who are looking for quick edits and a consistent professional look in their videos.

6. Minimal Callouts by SkechorsStudio (Free) πŸ”—

Minimal callouts feature animated texts that can be used to annotate objects within the frame. Aside from text capabilities, the template is paired with zoom-ins and nudge-up effects that provide the output with a simple yet cutting-edge aesthetic ideal for descriptive slideshows.

Streamlined and futuristic in approach, the template reminds us of floating screen elements commonly seen in sci-fi movies.

7. Colorful Sale Promo by New-Motion (Free) πŸ”—

Images, videos, and texts in retro styles come together to provide a whole new vibe to video production elements. Attention-grabbing colors and quirky fonts give this AE template the fun and cool vibe that appeal to a younger demographic.

Easily editable and consistent with the theme, this pack includes 10 unique, 10-second scenes packaged in a modular structure for AE.

8. Clean Simple Slideshow by Bessonica (Paid) πŸ”—

If you want to present your video outstandingly but also believe in the aesthetics that lie under simplistic designs, this template is an amazing option for you. Easily customizable 50+ images and video placeholders will be more than enough to make your video cinematic in an unusual way!

9. Digital Distortion by RocketStock (Free) πŸ”—

If you are looking for gritty vintage effects on videos, rolling bars like old VCRs, and TV signal turbulence, this is the right template for you. By simply moving sliders for each attribute, a unique blend of vintage effects can be achieved. Modern transitions paired together with post-apocalyptic effects of noise, flickers, and chromatic aberrations provide a striking combination useful for ads, videos, and animations.

10. Infographic Elements by HolyPix (Paid) πŸ”—

This set contains a variety of minimalistic and special elements that ranges from charts, maps, and icons among others. Whether putting on together a sales forecast, processes, or presenting timelines, this set has the perfect elements needed to create impactful videos and professional presentations.

Aside from saving time and effort in creating these elements every time, this collection of 1000+ elements will also help you avoid those much-dreaded lags when using After Effects.

Regardless of whether you are yearning to impart nostalgia through vintage effects or transporting audiences to hyper-realistic realms with sci-fi elements, there are templates available online to help you maximize the power of After Effects.

Leveraging the power of pre-made templates can help free your time and dedicate it to more creative endeavors. Templates can help you gain new skills that would otherwise take time for you to learn or accomplish on your own. In a world pressed with time and deliverables, working smart and recognizing the limits of your equipment is important to keep up with the ever-changing times.

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