January 14, 2023

January 14, 2023

January 14, 2023

Where to Find Video Production Jobs

Where to Find Video Production Jobs

Where to Find Video Production Jobs




From classic homemade records to the nightly news on television, videos have come a long way from something reserved for special occasions to something that people now use on a daily. Democratizing the way people consume media and information, portable devices, social media, and the internet have made videos readily accessible at the click of a button.

Video creation has also become an important channel where people can freely express themselves, offering not only an avenue for social interactions but also for emerging online businesses and jobs as well.

The high demand for work-from-home jobs today meant that defining your niche is as important as scaling up and growing your business. Whether you like working as a content creator, producer, director, scriptwriter, or graphic artist, investing time and effort in developing your competitive edge is important.

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If you find urban life scenes and architecture interesting or editing wedding videos might be closer to your heart, gaining experience in your niche is a good way to get started.

Here is a list of places where you can find side hustles and remote jobs to jumpstart your journey:

1. Online Portfolio and Video-Sharing Platforms

Setting up a work portfoli online is akin to having a digital calling card, where you can easily interest prospective clients or employers to help you get started. The good thing about platforms such as Behance, Dribble, Coroflot, and other similar websites is that they do not only offer initial free services but also a way to get involved and acquainted with the design and the video-making community.

Squarespace, Wixsite, and Adobe Portfolio

Although not the easiest or cheapest option for a start, setting up a well-designed website can easily widen your digital footprint and help you get noticed in the industry.

With DIY platforms and templates offered by sites like Wixsite, Squarespace, and Adobe Portfolio, creating a website has never been easier. Here you can easily create and compose composite visuals with still images and videos to showcase your skills and full potential. With a website, you can easily position yourself as an expert in the field of video production.


Dedicated to “showcase and discover creative work,” Behance is considered a social media platform for creatives and design professionals. It offers a way for artists and video editors alike to be able to upload and share videos of their work and processes.

Aside from having a job board where you can easily scan for opportunities, willing audiences can opt for a subscription program and support the artist of their choosing.

YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo

When talking about videos, YouTube is what instantly comes to mind. This popular video-sharing platform allows you to find gigs either by pitching to established content creators or by becoming a content creator yourself. The good thing about this channel is that it allows anybody to create a channel for free.

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Compared to YouTube, Vimeo prides itself on being a bit more discerning with its allowable content as they position itself to be “by filmmakers for filmmakers.” Documentaries and interviews are what you would usually find on their platform alongside a dashboard dedicated to job seekers.

A niche social platform for the gaming industry, Twitch is a video streaming service with a following of 15 million users daily. So, if live streaming and gaming are what interests you, this platform is a good place to get started.

2. Media Company Websites, Freelance Sites, and Job Dashboards

Having someone to back-up your work experience and skills provides you a competitive edge in looking for jobs and gigs. Working for a company for a bit also gives you a relative understanding of the industry and also allows you to meet friends or colleagues who might become interested to collaborate with you later on.

LinkedIn Jobs

Often dubbed as a Facebook for professionals, Linkedin is a good place to start finding video-related work as it has a dedicated section where you can easily check the local and global arena for opportunities.

The courses available can also help you develop your skills further while their messaging tool allows you to quickly get in touch with colleagues or converse with hiring managers instantly.


A dedicated platform service aimed towards workers in the field of commercial production, film, and theater, this site allows potential employers and talents to find each other easily within the platform.

Upwork and Fiverr

Upwork and Fiverr are two of the more popular freelancing platforms offering various jobs in different fields. Here freelancers can easily bid on projects and employers can invite prospective talents to work for them as well.

Both platforms offer a variety of available work at varying price ranges and are ideal for outsourcing graphic design work and online video editing tasks.

3. Your Local Network and Community Job Boards

Offering your services locally and joining organizations in your area can help you test the feasibility of your business. Try reaching out to local companies or join community events that might need your services.

Not only that it will help you establish a sustainable and local perspective for your business, but you might also make new friends that can help you along the way. Looking at local job boards and alumni job postings will definitely help you sort your way into the local scene.

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Craigslist, Reddit, and Facebook Marketplace

People can often find local opportunities on sites like Craigslist and Reddit. With Craigslist, getting in touch via message or email is the most ideal way to verify any job.

For Reddit, you can check the local subreddits dedicated to every community, video editing works, and work-from-home jobs. You can also post your services via Facebook Marketplace or find job leads via other channels as well.

Local Organizations

Joining workshops and meetups such as that of LA PPG (LA Post Production Group, est. 2008) and BAVUG (Boston Avid User Group), both long-running professional organizations for filmmakers in the San Francisco and Boston areas respectively, can help you acquire new skills and connect with like-minded professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike.

So, whether you are an established professional, a freelance editor looking for an additional gig, or a career shifter migrating to remote work, the rising demand for technical and creative expertise in the video-making industry meant that there will still be a lot of opportunities looking to be filled up.

Experience in niche markets partnered with creative skill and technical dexterity will make you a highly sought candidate in this highly competitive field.

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