October 1, 2022

October 1, 2022

October 1, 2022

Blender vs. Keyshot - Comparison Guide

Blender vs. Keyshot - Comparison Guide

Blender vs. Keyshot - Comparison Guide




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3D modeling, rendering, and animation have come a long way over the past few years. Today, Blender and Keyshot allow users to quickly and easily create impressive artwork for any medium. But, which program is the best? A lot of things need to be considered when choosing between Blender and Keyshot. Each artist’s needs will be different, so a lot of program features need to be considered. Here, we’ll look at some major features of both Blender and Keyshot to see what each program offers.


The heart of every 3D project is the models featured in the artwork. Designing, rigging, texturing, and lighting your models will make the image or scene pop. When it comes to Blender vs. Keyshot for modeling, both programs have similar advantages. Both Blender and Keyshot have complex model-building tools that make it easy for anyone to start creating right away. Sculpting modes and UV unwrapping modes are able to make the building and manipulating of models a breeze. Both programs have a robust set of model libraries and configuration tools so artists can make changes on the fly and replicate their models where necessary.


Any 3D designer knows the importance of lighting. Every piece of art needs to be lit correctly in order for the shape and style to come through correctly. Using 3D software that makes lighting design easy is vital. In terms of Blender vs. Keyshot, Blender has a few basic lighting tools while Keyshot has many more options. Global illumination for helping light bounce around a scene, physical lighting to replicate real-world lighting equipment, and light preset to get you started are just a few perks of using Keyshot.

Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

Asset Libraries

Every great design software today comes with a top-notch collection of assets. Everything from textures to materials to objects and more can make it easier for users to get started on their Blender or Keyshot project Blender has a large collection of libraries, and users can create and share their own with other users. Keyshot has many built-in libraries that allow users to get up and going after the first install. This can be a great benefit to those who just want to get going right out of the box.

Real-Time Rendering

Getting a sense of the final project can be invaluable to any artist. But, it can take a long time to render out a piece of art only to discover that it’s not ready yet.

Real-time rendering is essential. When it comes to Keyshot vs. Blender, Keyshot has the advantage. Their render engine allows you to make the smallest changes and instantly see results. Lighting changes, material changes, texture changes, and more only take a few seconds to load. Blender has a fast real-time rendering as well, but Keyshot is a bit quicker and more versatile.

As with any 3D modeling program, rendering can take quite a bit of computing power. Both programs do their best to utilize the user’s CPU and GPU, but services like Vagon can speed things up, allowing users to render with the power of cloud computing.


3D animation has increased in popularity over the past few decades. Now, programs like Keyshot and Blender make it easy for nearly anyone to create detailed 3D animations for storytelling, marketing, or just for fun. Keyshot features animation tools that allow you to ‘shoot’ your animation from a camera path, zoom in during a scene, and even adjust the focus of the ‘camera’. Blender has a wide range of animation tools that make it simple to rig a character, create nonlinear animation, and sync sound. Both programs have incredible animation features, but Blender seems to have more tools and options overall.

Photo by Petar Petkovski on Unsplash

Computing Power and Rendering

Rendering out a design or animation can be the most stressful part of creating in 3D. You need a powerful computer and software that can utilize that power in full.

Both Blender and Keyshot have powerful rendering engines that strive to take advantage of CPU and GPU power. They can both render in real-time, too, allowing users to catch problems early before wasting time on a full render.

Even with an advanced rendering engine, the computing power needed to render quickly can be lacking for those with weaker systems. Services like Vagon allow users to essentially ‘borrow’ computing power from a cloud computer, using any device they own. This can provide users with lightning-fast rendering that lightens the load on a user’s own device.

Keyshot vs. Blender

Which is the better program? It really depends on your needs as a 3D modeler or animator. Some features may be more useful to you than others. Both programs have an incredible number of top-quality features and a price that can’t be beaten. Whichever you choose, your artistic abilities are sure to shine through.

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