August 11, 2020

August 11, 2020

August 11, 2020

Complete Guide for Top Learning Tutorials for AutoCAD

Complete Guide for Top Learning Tutorials for AutoCAD

Complete Guide for Top Learning Tutorials for AutoCAD




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AutoCAD, first released to the public in 1982, could initially only be run on personal computers with graphics controllers. Between the debut software price and a computer that can run it, it would cost about $4300 per user in today’s dollars.

Expensive, but just as back then, anyone today doing rendering work for 3D modeling could benefit from learning AutoCAD.

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This includes architects, mechanical or industrial design engineers, city planners, and even graphic designers. If you’re wondering where to download AutoCAD, you can subscribe to AutoCAD monthly for $210, yearly for $1690, or get a 3-year subscription license for $4.565. That is a savings of about 40% over the monthly price.

Are you ready to buy in, but not sure where to find the best tutorials for AutoCAD? Keep reading to find out where to discover some of the best YouTube tutorials for AutoCAD today!

1. Official AutoCad Channel 🔗

It’s hard to beat a manufacturer when it comes to knowing a tool. The official channel on YouTube for AutoCAD gives previews of tools to come in future AutoCAD releases and spotlights on tools in existing releases.

They describe how to use these tools, what they’re intended for, and more.

2. The CAD Geek 🔗

The CAD Geek offers tips and tricks, product commentary, unboxing, and plenty of tutorials. When it comes to troubleshooting, calibrating, or using tools in AutoCAD, The CAD Geek has you covered.

They even have videos to help you activate your Single User AutoCAD license if you’re having trouble.

3. SourceCAD 🔗

Free, comprehensive, certified-professional-run YouTube AutoCAD tutorials that cover just about everything from A-Z. High-quality videos cover 2D and 3D design practices and tools for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and even experts.

Advanced topics not covered in the free area aren’t very expensive either. Udemy SourceCAD instructor Jaiprakash Pandey also has great projects in his personal channel.

4. CAD Intentions 🔗

CAD Intentions gives tutorials on how to clip or trim Xrefs, copy from one drawing to another, and other basic actions in a “two minute Tuesday” playlist.

Keeping weekly videos, CAD Intentions is a great beginner tutorial channel with a few golden nuggets that even professionals would appreciate.

5. CAD in Black 🔗

CAD in Black is a great free YouTube AutoCAD tutorial channel for architecture students or engineering students alike. With a playlist for beginners spanning over 72 videos, most of which more than 20 minutes with in-depth explanations in an easy-to-understand pace and teaching style.

All videos are up to date, having been made mostly during 2020. Already, each video has at least 50k views, almost 150k subscribers, and overwhelmingly positive reviews despite its short time on the scene. Certainly, one of the best places for learning AutoCAD online.

The Best YouTube Tutorials for Learning AutoCAD

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