Pay for the performance when you use it, and keep your computer's data on the cloud with a monthly subscription.

Graphics Accelerated


4 cores - 16 GB RAM - 16GB GPU

+ $0.99 / hour


16 cores - 64 GB RAM - 16GB GPU

+ $2.99 / hour


48 cores - 192 GB RAM - 4 x 16GB GPU

+ $8.99 / hour

Compute Accelerated


4.0 GHz - 2 cores - 16 GB RAM

+ $0.39 / hour


4.0 GHz - 8 cores - 64 GB RAM

+ $1.49 / hour


4.0 GHz - 24 cores - 192 GB RAM

+ $4.59 / hour

General Purpose


3.1 GHz - 2 cores - 4 GB RAM

+ $0.25 / hour


and Store Your Computer

$7.99 / month

50GB Included

You can always add more.

2 hours of Sea + 2 hours of Planet usage

and 50GB Storage for 7 days included.

“It’s like owning a super computer, without buying it. You can rent a super computer via vagon anytime you need.”

Grant Abbitt, 3D Artist, Film Maker and Teacher

We know buying a high-performance computer is really expensive and it’s not easy to carry around. So we built vagon to provide you a personal supercomputer with a pay as you go model.

You can always use a different performance with your cloud computer without any change in its data. Each time you use vagon, you choose a performance and pay by the minute you use it, accordingly. To keep your personal computer’s data on the cloud there is also a monthly fee.

We also offer a special trial package without any commitments. Trial includes 2 hours of Sea + 2 hours of Planet free usage and 7 day storage for your personal computer's data - only for $0.99. You can cancel it anytime and if you want to keep your computer, your computer storage subscription will start with the default subscription from $7.99/month after 7 days.

Upgrade your laptop to a high-end computer.

Trial includes 2 hours of Sea + 2 hours of Planet usage

and 50GB Storage for 7 days from $0.99.

I don't understand, how much will I pay?

Let us give you an example! After your trial ends you'll pay $7.99 to store your computer on the cloud for next 30 days. In that period, if you run 1 hour Planet and 1 hour Ocean you will pay an additional $5.58 + Processing Fee.

Why is there a subscription?

Monthly subscription is to store your personal computer's data ( your software, files, etc. ) on the cloud. That way, the next time you use it, you won't have to reinstall everything again. You can also add more storage anytime.

What's the trial? Should I pay for a trial?

We offer a trial including 4 hours of usage and 7 day storage for your computer, to let you experience vagon. There are no commitments and you can always use vagon more after the included hours by the hourly rates.

Can I add more storage later?

Yes, you can always add more storage to your computer for $5, giving you an additional 50GB storage. Computer storage can be increased to a maximum of 500GB.