Simple, Transparent
and Flexible

Vagon’s pricing has two levels. You pay for the performance usage and
a monthly fee to keep your computer's data on the cloud.


Run any performance, change it anytime. Charged by the minute.

Graphics Accelerated

CUDA & OptiX Supported Nvidia GPUs

  • Planet

      4 cores
      16 GB RAM
      16GB GPU


  • Star

      16 cores
      64 GB RAM
      16GB GPU


  • Galaxy

      48 cores
      192 GB RAM
      4 x 16GB GPU


  • Compute Accelerated

    4.0 GHz Intel Processors

  • Lake

      4.0 GHz
      2 cores
      16 GB RAM


  • Sea

      4.0 GHz
      8 cores
      64 GB RAM


  • Ocean

      4.0 GHz
      24 cores
      192 GB RAM


  • General Purpose

  • Sand

      3.1 GHz
      2 cores
      4 GB RAM


  • +


    Keep Vagon computer’s data on the cloud.

  • Storage Plan

      Expandable 50GB Storage


  • Upgrade to a better computer

    Trial includes 2 hours of Sea + 2 hours of Planet usage
    and 50GB Storage for 7 days from $0.99.

    I don't understand, how much will I pay?

    After trial, if you run 1 hour Planet and 30 minutes Sea, $1.74 will be deducted from your balance, and there is a monthly fee to store your computer's data on the cloud.

    Why is there a monthly fee?

    Monthly fee is to store your personal computer's data ( your software, files, etc. ) on the cloud. That way, the next time you use it, you won't have to reinstall everything.

    What's the trial? Should I pay for a trial?

    Trial includes 4 hours usage and 7 day storage for your computer, to let you experience Vagon. There are no commitments and you can always use Vagon more by the hourly rates.

    Can I add more storage later?

    Yes, you can always add more storage to your computer for $5 per additional 50GB storage. Computer storage can be increased to 500GB.

    your computer,
    just better.

    2 hours of Sea + 2 hours of Planet usage

    and 50GB Storage for 7 days included.