Cloud computer
for creatives

Run graphic intensive apps on a tiny laptop

Lightweight computers are not good at running graphic-intensive apps like Adobe or Autodesk products and high-performance computers are expensive and not easy to carry around.

Vagon is a personal supercomputer for creatives that can be run in browser through any device.

Design, simulate, and render projects without hardware limitations on even a Mackbook Air or Chromebook.

Vagon provides you seamless experience to empower your projects.

Start with a single click

When you need more power, create your supercomputer within minutes. Your computer will be ready with high performance options. Vagon is the easiest way to run apps.

Upgrade performance anytime

Choose a different performance each time you run Vagon without any change to your computer's data. Design with a good performance and render with the best.

Upgrade to a better computer

Trial includes 1 hour Planet usage
and 50GB Storage for 7 days from $0.99.

”Let's say you have something like a tablet or a Chromebook and you can work on a computer through your browser that's much more powerful.”

Lightning-Fast Download

Not Mbps, it's Gbps. Vagon computers have extreme connection speed, so you can even download your largest files in a few minutes. It goes way beyond your internet connection at home.

Easy File Transfer

Working with huge files is a common occurence for creatives, and it's really hard to switch to a different computer mid-project. Just drag and drop your files, that's all!

your computer,
just better.

1 hour Planet usage and

and 50GB Storage for 7 days included.