File transfers are easy

Vagon has its integrated personal file system to ease file transfers. Just drag and drop your files or sync them all the time to streamline your file uploads. Sync your files and run your Vagon when you need more power: your files are ready inside.

Expand your storage

Send, share, download: It’s Dropbox simple, yet always attached to your Vagon - even when it’s not running. Your Vagon comes with a default storage level to make things work, but you always have the option to expand it when you need more space.

Transfer when it's off

Vagon’s file system is attached to your cloud computer but works all the time. You can send and transfer files even when your Vagon computer is not running. Thus, you’re not limited to your sessions to transfer and access your files.

For you, and for your organization


Don’t break your bank for a new pro workstation. Create your Vagon computer in minutes and get a better performance when you need to for much less. Your files & workflow are synced. Get ahead of everyone else. Learn More

Businesses and Teams

Remote teams, creative studios, companies and educational institutions, Vagon Teams give your members scalable cloud computers with collaborative features. Shared files, admin features and integrated services. Live remotely but work together. Learn More