New performance, run!

Choose a performance and click the “Run Computer” button. Your Vagon computer will start with the selected specs within a minute, all your data in it. You can use a different performance each time you use Vagon, no limitations.

Switch between options

Edit with 1x, compute with 10x. Speed up your projects. You can use the matching performance option to your task at any stage, go back and forth. Just change the performance and run your Vagon. Optimize your time, enjoy your ride.

Your data never changes

That’s the best part. Your desktop and data will not change when you change the underlying performance. Your data is not attached to any performance option. Click a button and get 10x more performance on your Vagon, with the same desktop, apps and files.

When you've smoke simulations or you're starting to do some sculpting start using the more powerful computer with Vagon, switch between them really easily and do all excellent 3D work you want to do.”

Grant Abbitt

Digital Artist

For you, and for your organization


Don’t break your bank for a new pro workstation. Create your Vagon computer in minutes and get a better performance when you need to for much less. Your files & workflow are synced. Get ahead of everyone else. Learn More

Businesses and Teams

Remote teams, creative studios, companies and educational institutions, Vagon Teams give your members scalable cloud computers with collaborative features. Shared files, admin features and integrated services. Live remotely but work together. Learn More