Auto install apps

Installing applications can take ages. To save time, Vagon has a growing list of applications that can be installed automatically. You just select the apps you want inside from the list during the computer creation step, and they’ll be installed automatically.

Install other apps manually

Is the application you’re looking for not in the auto installation list? No worries, you can always install any application to Vagon manually, similar to physical computers. Vagon has a +1Gbps internet speed inside that helps you to install apps faster manually, too.

Tell us the apps you want

Our list of auto-installed apps is growing, thanks to your suggestions. Is the app you’re looking for not in the list? Click the “Request an Application” box to let us know about it. Not all apps are suitable for integration, yet we’ll integrate top requests to the list, when possible.

I was pleasantly surprised by the robustness of the service, and the usefulness of its different performance tiers when it comes to managing costs while still being able to scale performance when needed.”

Mario Hawat

3D Artist

For you, and for your organization


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Businesses and Teams

Remote teams, creative studios, companies and educational institutions, Vagon Teams give your members scalable cloud computers with collaborative features. Shared files, admin features and integrated services. Live remotely but work together. Learn More