April 19, 2023

April 19, 2023

April 19, 2023

Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for CGI

Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for CGI

Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for CGI




Ever since the discovery of 3D images, the world has seen many talents in this art. Each digital artist works creatively with imaging software to create fascinating images and animations. It has become so perfect that you almost cannot tell the difference between a CGI and a natural image.

When it comes to CGI and digital art, here are the ten artists you should follow in 2023!

1. Adriano Andigracio - @nano_andigracio

Adriano is an Indonesian digital artist that specializes in sculpting. He is a Modeller, motion designer, and character designer and loves to carry out sculptor work. Being a character creator for games and VFX, he has been featured in BBC News, Asia’s Crypto Art Week 2021, and several design magazines.

Alongside images of his pieces, he sometimes includes process pictures showing you the intricate part of the art. Some software he uses include Maya, Zbrush, and Substance Painter.

2. Nicole Wu - @nicolemadethat

If you’re new and seeking a solo journey into CGI, you should follow this self-taught artist. Nicole is a 3D artist and designer based in Melbourne. Her Instagram highlights give you an idea of the various aspects she has worked on, from machines, skincare, and shoes, to outdoor spaces. Nicole creates surreal, unique, and exciting pieces with carefully selected colors.

Her work has been featured in Metropolis Magazine, The Creative Peak, while she has worked with Mercedes, Acer, and other great brands. If you need inspiration for 3D with bright colors, then you should follow Nicole.

3. Julia Blattman - @jbdraws

Julia is a CGI artist who has created several game characters for Walt Disney. She later moved to Paramount Pictures Animation, where she was a visual developer of animation (in Rumble,2021) and Tiger’s Apprentice (2024). The Los Angeles-based CGI artist creates children’s books and works as a visual development artist in Netflix animation. Her features are in Spectrum 23 Fantastic Art, Simon and Schuster Publishing, and 3DTotalPublishing.

4. Jean Zoudi - @jeanzoudi

Jean Zoudi is a CGI character artist based in Guildford, United Kingdom. He currently creates male and female characters for Supermassive Games. Asides from that, he does personal projects and collaborates with other artists. Jean is unique because he shares close-up images of his characters, detailing the freckles, beards, and wrinkles.

5. Jared Chavez - @jared.chav

Jared Chavez is a professional character artist in the games industry. With a following of over 15k, Jared enjoys making characters with succinct detailing of body frame structure and texture.

He currently works as a senior character artist at Firewalk Studio. Jared is also a tutor with Artstation Learning, where you can learn some of his secrets. And on Youtube, he takes you through steps on how to design using Zbrush, Blender, and others. His works range from animal to human skin sculpting.

6. Fransisco Rossi - @_fran_rossi

Fran Rossi is a 3D and CGI art director from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His works have realistic textures, and as a virtual artist, he plans to create solid pieces of his virtual designs. If you are looking for an abstract CGI expert, you should follow Fran. One that would amuse you is the bath bomb project for Lusk company. He definitely killed the concept by placing bath bombs on an island, all virtual. He has developed advertising and branding campaigns for agencies like Bandstand London.

7. Alessio Garcai - @alessiogarcai

Alessio is a freelance 3D artist from Galiza, Spain. He is also a director, photographer, and NFT artist. After a career in photography, he took a 3D art course with Zigor. He is now a member of the leading NFT marketplace, SuperRare, where he launched his animation, “The eternal cycle of the System.”

His recent works are ones you have never seen before, a project on posthuman where he creates stimulating sculptures with depth and dimension. Additionally, his captions give you an idea of the story behind each piece.

8. Motion Design School - @motiondesignschool

Trust us to bring a learning Instagram page for you. On this page, you have access to the motion works of the school’s students. As learning never ends, you can follow the motion design school for tips and ideas. And if you would like to go further, they have courses on how to master the use of software like Blender and Cinema 4D. They also have different tutors that handle various aspects of 3D animation. Not to worry, their courses are straightforward and stay with the latest trends.

9. Hyperthalamuscorp - @hyperthalamuscorp

Siddhant Jaokar, known as Hyperthalamuscorp, is a global visual artist and freelance designer in Mumbai, India. His pieces are centered on colorful abstracts, 3D rendering, and modeling. With over 42k followers, he seeks to explore diverse and realistic works, from basic shapes to everyday objects.

He participated in the Adobe remix in 2018. His most recent collaboration is with the travel agency American Tourister. Here, he uses traveling boxes, airplanes, and a compass to design a visual for Tourister’s 2023 Spring Aerostep Collection.

10. Aldeir - @estudiosala41

Aldeir is a Brazilian CGI artist and 3D and graphics designer. Aside from being a 3D artist, he retouches images with finesse with Cinema 4d, Photoshop, and Adobe software. Although Aldeir’s 1st 3D post was in May 2022, he has since been sharing some of his training projects and commercial works. He has worked majorly with food, drinks, and perfumery companies, including Polar restaurant and Cologne by Image. His works are impressive, and you should look out for more in 2023.

After going through the top ten CGI artists you should follow in 2023, we believe you have found your niche on our list. While you follow the artists on this list, do not hesitate to expand your field by searching across the several talents on Instagram.

Also, if you feel like you could use some more suggestions, keep scrolling to find out who made it to our Top CGI Instagram Accounts in 2022!

Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for CGI in 2022

1. Billelis - @billeis

I can assure you that there is a lot to look at in this account! Every piece Billelis makes has so many amazing details. Even if you look at it for the hundredth time you will still be fascinated. As there are so many details -which shows how much work put on these pieces- you will find a lot to learn.

Almost all of his work is based on skeletons and very similar aesthetics, however, each of them is inspiring in many different ways.

2. Zigor Samaniego - @zigor

If you are into creating cute but amazingly marginal art at the same time, this account would be one of the greatest inspirations out there! Zigor has worked for Nickelodeon, Wired, Prada, and many other great companies where he created amazing stuff!

There is so much to learn from Zigor’s works, like how he uses colors to create countless different emotions or the way he builds amazing environments for his amazing characters. So, you should definitely follow Zigor’s account in 2022-if you haven’t already!

3. Grand Chamaco - @grand_chamaco

Grand Chamaco’s childhood and teenage years were quite unlucky as his talent couldn’t be recognized enough by the people around him. The school of illustration and painting he opened to share his knowledge was actually closed due to the lack of attention it received.

However, with the help of the Internet and of course social media, now he has followers who recognize and respect his talents, from all around the world. And believe me, you wouldn’t want to be one of those who doesn’t follow his works!

4. Eugene Golovanchuk - @skeeva

Eugene -also known as Skeeva- specializes in digital fashion, developing artist-owned concepts and recreating real-world outfits digitally for global fashion labels.

If you are interested in fashion along with CG art, you should take a look at his account which seems like it will become a larger one with so many followers really soon -thanks to his amazing talents!

5. mbsjq - @madebystudiojq

Just as said in the bio of the account, you can define the art you will find here as “Impressionist as heart, a surrealist in execution.”

Here you will find the perfect symphony between the objects which will never come together in our daily lives, and As you can imagine, that means a lot of inspiring stuff!

6. Annibale Siconolfi - @annibalesiconolfi

Annibale builds amazing worlds in many different themes; celebration, utopia vs dystopia, industrial life and so much more that you cannot even imagine. Each of them is fascinatingly beautiful and so detailed that you can be sure everything has been thought through!

If you would like to feel like you just traveled to a place that you didn’t even know existed while sitting on your couch and looking at your phone, this account is where you should look.

7. Mike Franchina -@mikefranchina

When you take a look at the figures Mike creates, you will be shocked about how things so wrong can be put together in such a beautiful way.

His art might be far away from your style, but the uniqueness in his works will be more than enough to impress you, believe me.

8. Mike Azevedo - @mikeazevedoart

Illustrator and concept artist, Mike, has worked on various projects such as League of Legends, Hex, Legends of the Cryptids and so many other great clients and he created amazing works for each.

One of the greatest things about Mike’s art is that he can easily create so many different works in various aesthetics and still each of them carries his signature while preserving the naturality.

9. Leticia Gillett - @leticiagillettart

Cuteness alert! Leticia creates incredibly cute and beautiful characters in her works. If you take a closer look at them, you can see the hard work that she put into them.

Leticia also works as a character modeling supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios so, if you like Disney movies and their characters, you will definitely enjoy this account!

10. David Zavala - @zavalalml

David makes characters for video games and I truly believe that he is one of the artists who will reach great places in no time. Even the characters he got inspired by real people are unique in a way. Hence, you can’t imagine how creative his other works are without looking at them!

As I remarked at the beginning of this post, there are so many amazingly talented artists on Instagram and we cannot list them all here, however, I truly hope the suggested accounts on this list will help you get inspired on your CG art journey!

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