CAD Engineers use Vagon to boost innovations.

If you are working on a heavy-duty project such as computational fluid dynamics simulation, finite element analysis or heavy renderings it would be beneficial for you to use a much stronger computer.”

Aryan Fallahi

CAD Engineer

Scalable Engineering Workstation

Start working on your project with Vagon. Once your design is ready, upgrade its' performance to high tier performance to run with the latest NVIDIA GPUs up to 192GB GPU Memory and enjoy the high-performance.

CPU & GPU Accelerated Processing

Imagine running CUDA supported new generation GPUs and multicore 4.0 GHz Intel processors in your low-end computer. All Vagon GPU Accelerated performances are including CUDA and OptiX supported with the latest NVIDIA GPUs up to 192GB GPU Memory

Simulate Easier with Vagon

Don't bother with laggy simulations, or a night-long session to create them. Run your Vagon computer, and enjoy boosting your engineering projects.

Extra Processing Power

Throw the performance demanding tasks to your Vagon, and free your computer from tedious and complex works that sabotages your design workflow.

Upgrade your computer
to a high-end one

Trial includes 1 hour Planet usage
and 75GB Storage for 7 days from $0.99.

Your problems has come to an end

Your computer not enough to run all apps? System requirements of each project might be different. Even on the same project, it might require CPU and cores at creation, but when it comes to rendering it requires more GPU power.

Simulation or rendering takes too long? Engineers need more processing power to use CAD software, simulate, and render. When it comes to design a new element, hardware limitations are always the bottleneck.