Your computer not enough
to run all apps?

System requirements of each project might be different. Even on the same project, it might require CPU and cores at creation, but when it comes to rendering it requires more GPU power.

Heavy render blocks
your computer?

Even if you have a supercomputer or an office workstation, rendering or simulating your projects is always a bottleneck. Your computer loses its' superpowers and turns into low-end device.

Try a better alternative

Trial includes 1 hour Planet usage
and 50GB Storage for 7 days from $0.99.

"The best part about Vagon is, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new build, you can just pay whenever you need that high performance."

Josh Gambrell
3D & Game Designer

Scalable & Ready to Use Creative Workflow

Start working on your project with Vagon. Once your design is ready, upgrade its' performance to Galaxy performance to run with 4 x 16 GB Nvidia T4 GPUs, and enjoy the high-performance.

Nvidia CUDA & OptiX Accelerated Computer

Imagine CUDA supported new generation GPUs in your low-end computer, now multiply it by 4! All Vagon GPU Accelerated performances include CUDA and OptiX enabled Nvidia Tesla T4 GPUs.

Render Faster with Vagon

Don't bother with long rendering times, or a night-long session of rendering. Run your Vagon computer, and enjoy boosting your creative projects.

Extra Processing Power

Throw the performance demanding tasks to your Vagon, and free your computer from tedious and complex works that sabotages your creative workflow.