Your computer,
just better

Run all challenging software from any device, anywhere
with your own supercomputer on the cloud.

Turn any device into
a performance workstation

Enjoy a computer with scalable performance on your device. More cores, GPUs, and memory are one click away with top-notch hardware. Get mobile with Vagon!

  • Your workflow steps up to the cloud
    with superpowers, easily

    Get your Vagon with preinstalled apps, send or sync files easily, scale the performance as you like and enjoy the experience with 4K / 60 FPS.

    Run all applications
    on your device, faster

    Performance at scale

    No crashes, no lag. Use Vagon to run your creative apps and work on your heavy projects. Select a performance and boost it when you need to. Step up to the next level, Vagon will handle all challenging loads.

    Free your computer
    from heavy loads

    10x less hardware consumption

    Don’t lock your computer for hours with heavy projects or render. Run those on Vagon and use your local device freely. Fan noise, extreme heat? Gone. Vagon asks only for negligible resources on your computer and works on any device.

    Leave your pro workstation
    at your desk, get mobile!

    Remote computer for remote era

    No need to carry around a pro workstation anymore. Get mobile! Vagon is accessible anywhere. All you need is a lightweight device and connection with a few Mbps. Enjoy being remote, the world is your office now!

    "Definitely wouldn't have been able to get the render done in time without the help of @VagonHQ - highly recommend them if you need to get a render out and don't have the power needed!"

    Join over +25.000 creatives boost their workflow with Vagon

    What users and experts say

    Clinton Jones CG/VFX Artist

    “Seamless integration with your computer. If you can't afford a workstation, or want to supplement your current rig, this is the best option I can think of.”

    Anna Czarska Video Producer

    “If you need a boost of power, you need only to change your setting to the next performance option and in a couple of clicks, your processing power has tripled with Vagon!”

    Hamid Hassanzade Architect

    “Vagon provides a boost to your computer at home to run Autodesk, Adobe, and other graphics software products faster. Moreover, it is more likely that Vagon will reduce workstation investments for the most.”

    Grant Abbitt 3D Modeling Artist

    “Let's say you have something like a tablet or a Chromebook and you can work on a computer through your browser that's much more powerful.”

    Josh Gambrell Game Designer

    “I already have a good machine and I'm running an RTX 2070 and Vagon's computer still blew my machine out of the water. Very impressed!”

    Daan Blom Motion Graphic Artist

    “When deadlines are tight and projects need to be done quickly, working with Vagon was a great experience. The easy to use app lets you pick the right computing power with just a couple of clicks!”

    TipTut CG Artist

    “While I was creating my project, I experienced no input lag, which is crazy! Even just render time alone have worth the price of Vagon.”

    Aryan Fallahi Engineer

    “While working on a heavy-duty project such as computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis or heavy renderings it would be beneficial for you to use a much stronger computer and it saves enormous amounts of time.“

    Balkan Architect Civil Engineer

    “It's also a great option when it comes to macOS users because they can't run Revit on their computer. You can open up Revit on Vagon, and work on there. Which is really cool!”

    Ignace Aleya Video Producer

    “Imagine that you are on travel. You can still modify some things on a project but you need to render it and it requires a lot of time. Just run on a high-performance machine, straight from your laptop. It’s crazy!”

    Performance at scale
    on your device

    CUDA & OptiX Supported NVIDIA GPUs

    NVIDIA A10G and Tesla T4 GPUs with Ray Tracing, CUDA, OptiX for graphics, 16GB min.

    Multicore Intel 4.0GHz Processors

    Multicore Intel Cascade 4.0GHz processors for CPU heavy tasks.

    Flexible RAM Options

    Choose the memory you need, scale up to 192GB RAM and more.

    Lightning Fast Internet Connection

    Get up to 2Gbps of internet connection speed inside, download apps & files faster than you imagine.

    For you, and for your organization


    Don’t break your bank for a new pro workstation. Create your Vagon computer in minutes and get a better performance when you need to for much less. Your files & workflow are synced. Get ahead of everyone else. Learn More

    Businesses and Teams

    Remote teams, creative studios, companies and educational institutions, Vagon Teams give your members scalable cloud computers with collaborative features. Shared files, admin features and integrated services. Live remotely but work together. Learn More