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vagon is your personal high-performance computer on the cloud.
Start vagon instantly and run all challenging software from any device, anywhere.

Personal Computer


It is your computer and only you can access it. Install any software on it, sync your files and use it as you like.
Secure Computer


Every computer on vagon is an isolated virtual machine. vagon has several security measures to prevent unauthorized access.
High-Performance Computer

High Performance

vagon is much powerful than a regular computer. And the best part is, you can change its performance anytime.
Fast Internet Connection


You only need a modest, stable internet connection to use vagon. But inside, you'll enjoy blazing fast downloads and file transfers!

Want to run graphics software on a tiny laptop?

Lightweight computers are not good at running Adobe or Autodesk products. And high performance computers are expensive and not easy to carry around. Yet, even they sometimes have a hard time whilst running heavy tasks.

Get vagon to run all those graphics and compute heavy software on any device, even on a lightweight computer. Or use it as an additional resource to your existing setup when you need some extra power. Pay as you go, get more power!

Broken Old Computer

Start with a single click.

Simply create your cloud computer with desired storage and flexible performance. Start with a single click and use it like any other computer.

Run challenging software.

Connect vagon from any device and use its top-tier performance. How about using 244 GB ram and 16 GB GPU on a Macbook Air or Chromebook?

Switch performance anytime.

Think outside the box now! vagon has flexible performance. Need to do usual stuff? Well, Professional seems enough. Time to journey into the sun? Then switch to Apollo and run!

Use it anywhere.

Don’t bother carrying a high performance computer around. You can access vagon anywhere, anytime. You just need a computer and a connection, that’s all!

Built to make life easier for creatives.

vagon is built for creatives and their special needs to make ideas real, faster.



Download all your assets in seconds with blazingly fast connection speed, and work from anywhere.



Creating living spaces is a challenge. Don’t worry about hardware limitations, too. Try vagon.



Need to run heavy simulations or do the math for interstellar computations? Get the performance for it.



Engineering is hard but fun. vagon solves the hardship by giving you all the performance boost you need.

Keep it ready and pay when you use it!

A basic monthly subscription for your personal cloud computer. Pay for the performance as you use it, billed in minutes.

Starting from


Includes 50GB computer storage.

Start 7 day trial from $0.99

including 45mins of Professional Usage

Professional Plan
4 cores - 30.5GB RAM - 8GB GPU
+ $1.29 / hour
Challenger Plan
16 cores - 122GB RAM - 8GB GPU
+ $2.49 / hour
Apollo Plan
32 cores - 244GB RAM - 2 x 8GB GPU
+ $4.99 / hour

Is it secure?

Every vagon computer is an isolated virtual machine which no other user has access to. Your connection to your workstation is always encrypted. We continually monitor our infrastructure for possible security vulnerabilities and keep your system up to date.

We take privacy seriously and have numerous measures against unauthorized access to your computer. You always get notified when there is an update in our infrastructure.

Secure Computer

vagon makes your
daily routine,


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the computer storage for?

vagon provides you with a private computer. It's where you install your software and work on your files. We store it on the cloud and make it accessible to you at all times. Thanks to that, you won’t have to reinstall everything on a fresh desktop each time you want to use vagon.

What about my files? How do you store them?

We are working on a file storage system on top of computer storage to offer a more practical and efficient way to handle files. It is not ready yet, and when it is, it will add practically infinite file storage capacity to your vagon. Until then, we recommend using cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to access your files on vagon.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes! vagon doesn't require any upfront commitments. You can cancel or restart your subscription anytime.

Where are your servers located?

By using the power of the cloud we're leveraging an existing, reliable set of datacenters distributed around the world. This way we ensure that you're always getting the best experience out of your workstation anywhere in the world. There are 4 locations now and we’ll add more soon.

Which operating systems are supported?

vagon client supports Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Currently we only provide Windows OS computers. Linux computers are on the way.

Do I have to pay for hardware upgrades?

No. vagon ensures that our fleet of servers are equipped with up to date hardware so that you can always enjoy using the current generation of equipment. We'll always let you know when a new generation of performance is coming.

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