March 1, 2022

March 1, 2022

March 1, 2022

Top 15 Movies Created with Using Blender

Top 15 Movies Created with Using Blender

Top 15 Movies Created with Using Blender




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Blender is a powerful tool not only because it provides a great toolset for 3D applications but also because there are no limitations about what you can and cannot do with the software. You can make art, create computer games, make interactive 3D applications and so much more with Blender!

My personal favorite among these alternative usages is using Blender for filmmaking. I have always enjoyed watching films and I have learned that some of my favorites are made with Blender! So I wanted to share the list I made which includes the Top 10 Movies Made with Blender. I truly hope you will find it interesting as well!

1. Spring

If you haven’t seen it already, Spring is a must-see movie that is created using only Blender. The film tells a story about a shepherd girl and her dog who have to come face to face with ancient spirits to turn the winter into spring again.

Besides, how fun and engaging the story is, the most impressive part about this movie is the fascinating views and the unique details. I was amazed by how incredible things can be made from the default cube of Blender.

2. Alike

Alike is one of my favorite short films, and when I learned that it was created by an ex-animation student with no budget at all who only used Blender, it took 5 years to complete the film in total.

However, this is not the only feature that makes Alike an amazing animated short film, the story of Alike is thought-provoking. Once you watch it attentively, I believe that you will have different thoughts about education, work and dreams at the end of these 8 minutes.

3. I Lost My Body

Even though I Lost My Body looks 2D-animated, it was made by Blender in the first place. Afterward, with the help of the Grease Pencil, it gained the 2D-animation appearance. This unique idea helped the movie to include the real sense of movement which is hard to have in 2D.

This is not a short film like the other examples, however, I strongly suggest you give a chance to this creative story of a solitary hand trying to find its owner back!

4. Next-Gen

You may have heard of Next-Gen before, but learning that it is created using only Blender makes it even more amazing. This science fiction action movie was done by the top artists in the industry around the world and it shows these talents with impressive scenes of the movie!

Next-Gen tells the story of a rebel teenage girl and her encounter with a high-technology robot and their adventures together; you should add this movie to your watch if you haven’t seen it already! You can find the movie only on Netflix as they purchased its worldwide rights in 2018 for 30 million dollars!

5. The Missing Scarf

The Missing Scarf has been shortlisted for the Best Animated Short Film for the Academy Awards in 2014 and it shows that The Missing Scarf deserves to be in our list of best Blender movies!

This short film’s narration is made by George Takei who does a great job for this amazingly fun but thought-provoking movie. Give this short film your six minutes, and after that, you will have different thoughts about all the fears that most humans share!

6. Hero

Hero was made by a great and hard-working team for promoting Blender’s upcoming feature, Grease Pencil. With this amazing short film, Blender has shown that you don’t need to choose between 2D and 3D when it comes to using Blender!

While showcasing how incredible and different things you can do with Blender, this film also has an amazing plot twist that you should watch!

7. Agent 327

The adaptation of a Dutch comedy/action comic book series, Agent 327, is one of the greatest short films that has been created using Blender only. As it is also a product of Blender Foundation, the animation quality is more than amazing, as expected.

You will find yourself laughing and fascinated by the flow of this 3 minutes long film. Once you watch it I will strongly recommend you to watch the alternative ending as well, it will put a smile on your face no matter what!

8. Darrel

This beautiful short film made with Blender was created by an independent team of artists from Spain without being backed by big names and production studios, and still won our hearts with this creative and brilliant idea!

This 3 minute long short film tells the love story of two chameleons with an unexpected ending which will leave a smile on your face after finishing!

9. LightHouse

This lovely story of the lighthouse keeper who faces an enormous problem was made with Blender with the small touches from ZBrush and Photoshop. It is not a brand new short film, you may have already seen it, but if you haven’t it will warm your heart once you do!

10. Cosmos Laundromat

Cosmos Laundromat is also a production of Blender Foundation. Thanks to Blender Foundation, you can find large amounts of information about the production of this incredible short film on the film’s official website.

This story of a suicidal sheep is beautified by amazing views made with Blender, and it has an unusual and surprising theme. However, as suggested, don’t watch it yet if you are under 13, and check the other amazing films on our list!

11. Coffee Run

"Coffee Run," a short film made using Blender. There is a barista and he needs to deliver coffee to his customer. But things don't go as expected! Barista goes on an adventure in a strange world. This journey full of strange characters begins to deliver the perfect coffee cup to the customer. This short film shows what fun things Blender can do!

12. Glass Half

The short film titled "Glass Half" tells the story of a glass. This glass is a character that is half full and half empty. The glass represents the optimistic and pessimistic sides. In the film, the character's attitudes change depending on the amount of water in the glass. In the end, the character is both full and full. He also learns the importance of looking at the bright side.

13. Sintel

"Sintel," a short animated film made using Blender. This movie tells the adventure of a young woman, Sintel, to find the lost dragon cub. Sintel goes on a great journey to find the dragonling and encounters many dangerous obstacles. However, thanks to his courage and determination, he finally achieves his goal. It takes viewers into a fantasy world and allows them to witness Sintel's struggle.

14. Wing It!

Blender Studio's 15th Open is a fun and stylized cartoon that explores the polarized relationship between a cat and a dog. A Blender Open Movie, where a nervous engineer unexpectedly finds themselves aboard an out-of-control space shuttle, accompanied by an enthusiastic wannabe pilot. Their unlikely partnership leads to a wild ride as they soar through space, trying to regain control of the shuttle.

You should definitely watch this blender legend movie, which was produced in 2023! Let's follow the latest productions and witness the developing blender technology more closely.

15. Sprite Fright

This short animated film was directed by Pixar directors Mathieu Auvray and Jean-Denis Haas. The movie is about a ghost hunter character going on an adventure full of playful spirits in a castle. The filmmaking process has also been open-sourced so other animators and enthusiasts can follow and learn from the process. "Sprite Fright" has an original story and fun characters. While it attracts attention with its dark and mysterious atmosphere, it also offers an experience full of humor and adventure.

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I truly hope that you will like the list I made will inspire and excite you for the next steps in your Blender journey as much as they did for mine! If you found these inspiring, don’t forget the check out more on the Internet as there are way too much great films made with Blender to fit into one list!

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