July 3, 2022

July 3, 2022

July 3, 2022

Top 10 Unity Courses and Classes

Top 10 Unity Courses and Classes

Top 10 Unity Courses and Classes




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When it comes to game development, Unity is the software that first comes to our minds. Thanks to its amazing features and limitless possibilities, its users can make their dream games come true!

Unfortunately, if you are not quite familiar with Unity, these amazing features may become a headache rather than a helping hand. Even though learning how to use Unity efficiently may seem like a daunting job, with the bits of help from the professionals in this area, you can become a game developer in no time!

Once you figure out what to do with Unity, the only remaining limitation for you will be your own imagination! If you are looking forward to learning, check out our guide to the best Unity courses online!

1. The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity (Official) πŸ”—

This is one of the best courses out there for beginners. Thanks to a talented instructor, and given challenges during the course you will be able to get familiar with the interface and C# as well!

Even though some of the videos are outdated, checking the Q&A section for such discussions will help you get through each of these problems and misunderstandings. At the end of this course, you will be more than comfortable with creating power-ups, enemies with basic AI behaviors, collecting and destroying game objects, and so much more!

2. Introduction to C# Programming and Unity πŸ”—

If you have no previous experience with the C# language -or with any other programming language either-, this course may be the perfect fit for you as this course will start from the very beginning and work your way up to building small games.

One of the greatest parts of this course is that you can easily re-schedule your deadlines according to your availability. Also, once you complete the class successfully you will be able to showcase your certificate of completion!

3. Visual Effects for Games in Unity - Beginner to Intermediate πŸ”—

If you are interested specifically in creating VFX for games with Unity, you must definitely check this one out. The course will start from a beginner level and build your skills up to the intermediate level.

You will have a chance to create amazing effects like fireballs, magic spells, special effects, and so much more! However, keep in mind that this course has some important requirements such as being at a beginner level in Unity, Photoshop, and Blender rather than a complete zero. Also, if you have a graphic tablet that would be a lot of help, however, it is not obligatory.

4. C# Programming for Unity Game Development Specialization πŸ”—

This specialization class contains 4 different classes for programming in Unity. The first course assumes no prior knowledge about programming or Unity, and throughout the 4 courses, you will learn how to program in C# and how to use that knowledge in creating games with Unity.

The best part about this class is that you will be able to start at the point where you feel the most comfortable! Also, you will be able to re-schedule your deadlines and earn a certificate of completion once you finish these courses.

5. Complete C# Unity Developer 2D πŸ”—

This one may be a better option for someone who has a little experience with coding before, however, it is not necessary. If you are a complete zero, giving this course a bit more effort would be sufficient too.

With the bits of help of this course, you will build a solid foundation for your skills in game development and create your first five 2D video games for web & PC. Along with becoming excellent at using Unity, you will also get familiar with problem-solving skills in coding and object-oriented programming!

6. Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D πŸ”—

If you would rather get familiar with 3D game design rather than 2D, you should check out this one. Even if you have no experience in 3D packages or coding, you can improve your skills step by step with this project-based course.

Thanks to its detailed sub-topics you will gain excellent general knowledge about Unity while learning good coding and design patterns. Also, you will be introduced to object-oriented programming as well.

7. Unity Game Development Build 2D & 3D Games πŸ”—

If you are unsure about whether you want to expand your skills in 2D or 3D games, you can try this course in which you will gain basic knowledge about both areas. It is totally suitable for beginners with no prior coding or Unity experience.

Thanks to this course, you will not only learn how to build games but also you will learn how professionals build games. You will even cover the more advanced topics like multiplay, lightning, and cinematics!

8. Unity Game Development: Create 2D and 3D Games With C# πŸ”—

Like the previous one, this is an inclusive course for both 2D and 3D game designs. This is one of the most comprehensive courses online with 78 hours of on-demand videos. With its project-based learning approach, it will easily take you from complete beginner to being able to create stunning 2D and 3D games in Unity!

If you think you can dedicate yourself and allocate some time to this long and relatively slow-paced course, you should definitely start this one and provide a powerful basis for your new skills!

9. Unity Game Dev: Fundamentals πŸ”—

This class includes 3 paths for different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This Unity Authorized skill path will start from the very beginning and familiarize you with creating interactions in your game. In the next level, you will learn how to add life and mood to your games through AI, lightning, and materials. Lastly, in the last section, you will learn how to create an amazing game on your own!

The best part about this course is that you can skip the parts you already know, and you can be sure that you will be able to learn the parts that you have absolutely no idea about!

10. RPG Core Combat Creator: Learn Intermediate Unity C# Coding πŸ”—

If you are already familiar with programming in C# -or you have completed any of the other suggested courses- you might want to start with this great one in which you will have a chance to build combat for a role-playing game in Unity!

If you like this one you can also check out the other three courses of the same instructor where you can learn more about inventory systems, shops & abilities, and dialogue & quests.

One more small note, you don’t need to get overwhelmed and stressed because there are too many options. Photoshop is a quite fun-to-learn software and if you focus on one of the courses above, you can start producing results in no time!

If you liked the list of courses we gathered and found this article helpful, you can check out more content about Houdini here.

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