October 21, 2022

October 21, 2022

October 21, 2022

Top 10 Premiere Pro Templates

Top 10 Premiere Pro Templates

Top 10 Premiere Pro Templates




Premiere Pro by Adobe is the go-to software for beginners and professionals alike looking to quickly edit clips and integrate effects into their videos. The program’s reliable tools and easy-to-grasp workflow makes it a favorite among creatives. The timeline dashboard within the program paired with a drag-and-drop feature makes it easier for producers to trim and edit videos.

With the rapid improvement in the quality of smartphone cameras over the years, video-making and content production is becoming an accessible niche to aspiring creators. Nowadays, videos can be easily made online with the help of digital tools making this industry a very lucrative and competitive field. As such, client expectations have also changed, videos are not only expected to be professional and well-made but also delivered within the shortest time possible.

Fortunately, for producers and hobbyists or even for seasoned professionals, templates for editing videos can provide an easy workflow and a cost-effective solution that can produce results in minutes. With the help of video templates for software such as Premiere Pro, creatives can now focus more on the overall picture instead of wasting time figuring out how to make the desired effect. At a small cost or even free at times, you can easily access professional and well-made templates that you can easily modify to suit your needs. Here’s a curated list of useful designer templates to help you create impressive videos for every project type:

For Educational & Informational Videos

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Split Line Heading Title: Educational and informational videos need a clear and direct approach to transmitting the information. This VFX template is effective for presentations and reports that need a simple yet impactful title. The minimalistic text graphic and animation give enough emphasis to the title giving an interesting introduction to engage the viewers towards the content of the presentation.

Modern Broadcast Pack: An easy and ready-to-use template for informational videos and reports, this pack consists of simple texts, clear backgrounds, and a straightforward layout that allows information and data to be easily presented and discussed. Modern, dynamic, and bright designs for lower thirds and quotes placeholder are complemented by smooth transitions perfect for broadcast and corporate use. To wrap up your presentations, a classic credits roll template is also included in this pack.

Motion Template Geometric: If you are looking for a unique way to present data or for an interesting approach to presentation, this template is for you. Bold diagonal graphics for the frames and energetic animations instantly capture your attention. A centralized and focused layout guarantees that the viewer’s eye effortlessly gravitates to the data you want to be highlighted.

For Commercial and Promotional Videos

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

Split Frame Opener: With a splitting animation for its text and transition, this opener is best for those looking to have a simple presentation with a bit of an edge. The simplistic animation and text styles highlight your message and instantly grab the attention of your viewers. Best used for promotional campaigns as well as for sub-headings or banners for videos containing interviews and testimonials alike.

Large Text Title Block: Bold design and energetic transition characterize the mood of this template. With single animated text occupying the full frame and boldly transitioning to another, this template is meant to capture your attention. Recommended for fun and engaging urban-themed advertisements, the action-packed and fast-paced animation would definitely move people into action. Perfect for music videos and commercials needing a quick update or refresh for their videos.

Simple Promo Titles for Premiere: This bundle is ideal to use as banners in social media, especially for limited-time promotions. Various design and layout choices for promos, discount codes, and one-time events are ready to be edited and used. A versatile and useful template that can be used time and again to showcase new products and promotions, these graphics have a simple yet classic appeal that can be easily refreshed and updated with a few tweaks and additions.

For Documentary and Entertainment-Type Films

Photo by Joey Huang on Unsplash

Twirling Bokeh Transition: Perfect for nature themed-videos, this Premiere Pro template renders a light glare transition akin to the experience of walking underneath a lush forest canopy. The soft and dreamy light effect provides an effective transition for major scenes and different video types. For those looking for bright, warm, and sunny tones suitable for documentaries to weddings, this VFX asset is the template you are looking for.

Classic Credit Roll: Every movie mostly has a rolling credits reel at the end. Rolling credit is a familiar style that is often used to acknowledge the team behind every project. From the bottom up, texts emerge in a single column with simple texts and straightforward information. A useful template to have for any project, this can also be handy when recognizing contributors or sources in your presentation.

Free Flicker Light Titles: For this template, a dark moody background serves as a canvas for a modern vintage look with stylized text in neon lights to complete the vibe. This is perfect for videos with either a post-apocalyptic theme or a high-tech aesthetic looking for an urban and mysterious appeal. Although the template looks dark in general, the cool tones and glow of the elements in this template are enough to put your video in the spotlight.

1000 Cinematic Color Presets: If you have searched for templates and still find most of them lacking, these presets might be the ones you have been looking for. From vintage VHS styles to cinematic and fashion presets, this collection boasts a variety of effects that you can easily mix and match to your liking. For a small fee, this set has a collection of light leaks and color grading that can suit your needs be it for wedding videos or just small clips for your social channels.

Unlike videos from Youtube or TikTok where bite-sized clips can be uploaded in seconds and can go with minimal edit, commercial grade and curated videos often undergo a post-edit. Although most videos might look simple and easy, the process of video production and VFX design is actually more complex and time-intensive than we often imagine. The massive amount of work and dedication that creatives put into editing is no easy feat. Such dedication often leaves them exhausted and time-starved.

With the help of Premiere Pro templates, creatives can now maximize their budget and also free up their time to focus more on the things that they enjoy doing. With video editors already juggling a lot of things on their plate, working smart and leveraging tools is essential to help achieve a sense of work-life balance. Think of templates as something like a guideline or a cookie cutter -you find what works for you, add the ingredients, and adjust it to your liking.

For most creators and editors, the ultimate goal is not only to create aesthetically pleasing videos but to consistently deliver products that are on time and within budget. Hopefully, with the help of some Premiere Pro video templates in our list, you can find the right template to not only capture the attention of your viewers but the ones that captivate their hearts as well.

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